Friends Don't Act Like This, Friends Don’t Do Things Like This, Friends Shouldn't Act This Way, I'm Not Doing This With a Friend, 朋友之间不应该这样, 私たち友達でしょ?, 친구끼리 이러는 거 아니야
Rank: 18329th, it has 169 monthly / 867 total views.
Authors: Guseulso, jyahwa
Artists: Myeon
Genres: Shoujo(G) , Comedy , Fantasy
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
When Rienne transfers to the elite Alena Academy, she never expects Karcion, the most popular mage in school, to recruit her into his club… and she definitely doesn’t think he’ll fall for her! But the grumpy Karcion soon makes it clear how much he adores her, and she starts finding him too cute to ignore. Still, he’s a future duke and she’s a commoner, so Rienne knows his feelings won’t last. Can Karcion magic his way out of the friendzone? Or will Rienne prove they’re just friends after all?
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